Ukraine Rebuild Token (UAR)

Presale Stage 1 available

Please select number of tokens and most early stage available, you will be guided through purchase process.

Due to ETH traffic gas price, conversion and exchange fees, minimum advised purchase is equivalent of 50$ or 50€

Due to Bank account fees and transfer fees, for SEPA (€) and SWIFT ($) the minimum advised purchase is 100$ or 100€

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Cena od 0,10 €

This option also allows you to purchase Ukraine Rebuild Token (UAR) with a standard SEPA or SWIFT Bank transfer. Please note that we will need your ERC-20 address to process your transaction (our team will contact you after payment). It can take up to 2-10 working days for your tokens to show in your cryptocurrency wallet. (Recommended non-custodial wallets: Coinbase wallet, Metamask wallet).

If you do purchase Ukraine Rebuild Token (UAR) with cryptocurrency, please be aware that number of tokens will be calculated in current price of cryptocurrency exchange and sent to your wallet within one work day.

Transactions above 15000€ or 13000$ are a subject to validation. Process with a standard AML and KYC questionnaire is required, our team will contact you after purchase.

Warning: Due to increased number of staff impersonators, the only valid email address we contact you about payments: or

Official support address: or 

Also be aware of spoofing practice, always double check the sender of the message

Ukraine Rebuild Token Team will never ask you for your wallet "seed" phrase