Withdrawal purchase

How to purchase:

1. Open ERC-20/ETH wallet.

2. Import custom token (UAR) to your wallet with this address 0xba86e24701cd8fa302c221da23ba9b21874c55ce

3. Choose to withdraw or send one of supported cryptocurrencies (down below) from your wallet

4. Withdraw or send to this address: 0xfb67f0a94c34b89f433255173106130a77862d93

5. Wait for your tokens to be delivered to your wallet

Note that it can take up to one work day to see your Ukraine Rebuild Tokens (UAR) in your wallet

Additional fees apply: 1% Transfer tax

Amount of tokens credited will be equal to current price of the supported cryptocurrency deposited minus GAS fee

Coinbase wallet users (automatic custom token import)

Metamask/Walletconnect/Fortmatic users will need to import token manually

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Issues with your purchase? Do not hesitate to contact us!