Bc. Ľubomír Kaliský - Project Developer
Bc. Ľubomír Kaliský - Project Developer

Bc. Ľubomír Kaliský - Project Developer

If one man decides to destroy and another man decides to build, the one with more supporters to his cause always win.

Ľubomír Kaliský is a Slovak politician, business owner, banker and crypto project pioneer. Educated, motivated and in pursuit of overcoming even greater challenges the world has to offer.

As the war in Ukraine continues, more and more speculative investments arise. I wish that this armed conflict will end up soon and all women, men and children can return back home. To rebuild stable economy and infractructure, is a difficult task and an essential part Ukraine will have to undergo after the conflict. Ukraine Rebuild Token (UAR) project expects a huge increase in demand of construction materials and labor. We live in Capitalism, society built on demand and supply, wherever the demand is met or need is fulfilled, there will always be money and profit involved. Regardless of the extent of human tragedy, we aim to minimize the impact of economical hardship ahead of us. Without Ukraine, being the biggest farm and granary of Europe, supplying entire EU economy with crops, the food prices in Europe are bound to skyrocket. Poverty problems in Europe are becoming even greater threat than ever before.

Are we self sustainable, is it enough what we produce or is the starvation coming after all of us?

Only together we will be able, to prevent it.

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