How to donate?

Slovak Catholic Charity organization is doing remarkable work and they help the most vulnerable and helpless people. They have years of experience in the field of charitable work. Ukraine crisis is no different, when the war started, they were the first ones to send a helping hand, wherever it was needed.

100% of your donation goes to all, who need it. 

We thank you for your help and may the God bless you.

IBAN - International Bank Account Number

SK11 0200 0000 0042 8408 8654

Bank Name: VUB a.s. | Variable Symbol: 380


Country: Slovak Republic 

Accountable: Lubomir Kalisky

Bank address: Mlynské nivy 1, 829 90, Bratislava 25

Donations in Cryptocurrency

How to donate with: Ethereum, BNB, Cardano, USD Coin, Tether

1. Withdraw/send with your cryptocurrency wallet.

2. Choose ammount you wish to donate.

3. Paste this address: 0xfbb357518b88957c34e6f3769fa4460816da79c7

Address for Bitcoin: bc1qgylwfmpy4ldsgl0n650w8nhkqfn7x849sqq5h8

Address for XRP: rBQ6Pe96B4VjHHVH96i7D5YfvArsZEnpJf Destination tag: 2218238338

Address for Solana: E4JdwLtzyYhyW6xpbjiFUqXYooWT9upCbtX69XMj8obv 

Donations Transparency

Visible monthly account report will be posted here