Ukraine Rebuild Token (UAR)

Become a part of great rebuild project, which aims to help supply the cities, damaged by aggressive bombardment, with construction materials. Construction materials will be bought by the people for the people, we do not intend to sell materials for war purpose and we wish that a peace treaty will be signed soon. After the Ukrainian - Russian war is over, the project intends to sell its entire supply of building materials, contracted laborers and machines needed to speed up the process of reconstruction.

Ukraine is the biggest wheat field and granary of Europe, without quick end to this conflict, we might face one of the greatest shortages of food in decades in modern Europe. It is our responsibility to be a part of reconstruction.

Project Whitepaper

UAR Ecosystem

When you buy Ukraine Rebuild Token, you do not only help us finance the needs to stockpile construction materials in warehouses, you are becoming a part of much greater thing.

12 million people had to flee from their homes in Ukraine, their homes destroyed, their cities lie in ruins.

Approximately 360 million square meters of living space have been destroyed to this date.

We aim to raise up to 2bil € which will roughly be enough to rebuild 3,6 million square meters of living space.

You can reshape and rebuild the future with (UAR), it is that simple to help.

Your investment will also help young people of Ukraine to return back home.

Construction Materials Speculation

Past few years did show significant increase in the price of basic construction materials. A long term investment provides investors with partial safety against inflation.

As the project develops, we intend to buy materials as soon as possible, warehouses will be located close to Ukraine border in Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary. We will make contracts for supplies with local craftsmen and factories. Our goal is to have enough supply to meet the incredibly increased demand after the war is over.

Second part is to provide enough workforce, contracts with laborers and building companies is a must, we aim to hire or contract at least 25.000 able bodied men to rebuild Ukraine back.

Skyrocket in construction prices close to Ukraine is possible. How high, depends on the amount of relief funds donated by EU to the region and Ukraine.

Project Roadmap

Presale Token allocation - What happens to your investment

Total max supply: 25,000,000,000 Tokens

Token allocation during stage 1

- 50% allocated to liquidity pool

- 30% allocated to reserve capital

- 15% allocated to marketing

- 5% allocated to team members

Transaction fee: 1% (this is not a GAS fee)

Token allocation during stage 2

- 37% allocated to liquidity pool

- 50% allocated to working capital

- 10% allocated to marketing

- 3% allocated to team members

Transaction fee: 0,3% (this is not a GAS fee)

Token allocation during stage 3

- 27% allocated to liquidity pool

- 65% allocated to working capital

- 5% allocated to marketing

- 3% allocated to team members

Transaction fee: 0,3% (this is not a GAS fee)

Token allocation during stage 4,5

- 20% allocated to liquidity pool

- 75% allocated to working capital

- 3% allocated to marketing

- 2% allocated to team members

Transaction fee: 0,3% (this is not a GAS fee)

Token allocation also includes: 

NO vesting period for investors, therefore you can trade the UAR as soon as we get DEX and CEX listing

Token Economy

Rewards to holders

Long term holders can expect increasing airdrop to their wallets.

  • 2% after stage 2 is over
  • 3% after stage 3 is over
  • 4% after stage 4 is over
  • 5% after stage 5 is over

Longer you hold, more profit you gain!

Increase in costs of building materials

Construction materials price is one the rise, we expect the project to increase in value as well. This will benefit anyone holding the token at the current time of material price scaling. Your investment money is exchanged for real stock and kept in warehouses close to Ukraine borders.

Increase in housing prices

Contracted development and building companies will have to share portion of their profits for the materials we provide. As the prices of housing increase, so does your investment.


As the company grows bigger and company gets sales profit, we intend to buyback a portion of Ukraine Rebuild Tokens (UAR) off the market. This buyback will lead to great pumps on listed exchanges.


In cryptocurrency the biggest trend and threat is to invest into unknown, meme projects expecting great profits in a short period of time. These Ponzi schemes and rug pull projects are rising exponentionally on the market, hiding the true faces of mischievant developers. Therefore we have decided to go fully transparent on our upcoming project. Experience and expertise in investment banking, construction, development, marketing, management and administrative work are the key features we will implement in our work to achieve success.

We value your investment, your contribution and your trust.








Stage 1